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Higher Education

Meeker & Associates works in two distinct niches within the higher education market.

Publishing & Technology

Paralleling our practice in K-12, we work with publishers and service providers to fill a range of executive, marketing, sales and related management positions, including:

Management & Finance
  • Chief Executive Officer
  • President
  • Vice President
  • Senior Director
  • Testing and Assessment Leaders


  • Vice President, Marketing
  • Marketing Director
  • Product Marketing Manager
  • Marketing Communications Manager


  • Vice President, Sales
  • Sales Director
  • Regional Sales Manager
  • Account Executive

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Academic Institutions & Institutional Services

In addition, we work with colleges, universities, for profit and not for profit, to fill key positions within Student Services and Development, including:

Student Services

  • Enrollment Management
  • Vice President/Student Affairs

Development Management

  • Development Director
  • Special Projects
  • Alumni Relations

Because our services encompass the education market as a whole, our clients benefit from access to potential candidates within related academic and industry market segments, such as educational research and technology, telecommunications, technology infrastructure, corporate training, consulting and investment/finance.

For additional information about our services for higher education institutions, please click here.

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“Meeker & Associates is truly a ‘full services’ search firm. Not only did they work with us to create a job description and profile of the person we are looking for, but they helped the candidate refine their resume, so as interviewers we saw the things that were most important to the College Board right up front.

I’ve had experiences where a search firm just throws bodies at us — not Meeker & Associates.

All of our candidates were highly qualified. Within one month we hired 90% of the candidates brought to us.“

Joe McHale
Noted Education Executive formerly with The College Board
and Houghton Mifflin


  • Top Quality Candidates who Achieve and Lead
  • Positions Filled Fast
  • Positive Return on Investment
  • Confidential Treatment of Client and Candidate Information


  • Ability to become Fluent in Client's Culture
  • Expertise in Education & Industry
  • National Network
  • Frequent Communications with Client and Candidate


  • Field Based
  • Management & Director
  • Executive


  • Retainer and Consulting Fee
  • Performance Sensitive
  • No Surprise Expenses
  • Responsive to Long-Term Clients