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Essentials to Ensure Retention of High Quality Employees
Because of the reputation for retention among employees placed by Meeker & Associates and his coaching focus, Dr. Meeker was chartered to write an article on retention published by Blackbaud, the leader in fundraising products and services for fundraising professionals in May, 2006.

2005 Year in Review and 2006 Looking Ahead

10 Strategies for Success: How to Find & Recruit Top Level Talent
Presentation to SIIA Investors Forum (2003) and the AEP National Summit (2003).

Chapter: "What Makes an Excellent Sales Executive?"
Dr. Meeker contributed the chapter on Sales Executives in the textbook An Expert's Guide to the K-12 Market, published March 2002.

Business Week Article - May 21, 2001
"Business Week" pictured John Meeker and featured Meeker & Associates, Inc. emphasizing the strength of the consulting practice.

SIIA Article "Recruiting The Industry Specific Board Member"- April 2002
Dr. Meeker published this article as a featured member of the SIIA in the UPGRADE magazine on recruiting industry specific board members .


“Meeker & Associates is truly a ‘full services’ search firm. Not only did they work with us to create a job description and profile of the person we are looking for, but they helped the candidate refine their resume, so as interviewers we saw the things that were most important to the College Board right up front.

I’ve had experiences where a search firm just throws bodies at us — not Meeker & Associates.

All of our candidates were highly qualified. Within one month we hired 90% of the candidates brought to us.“

Joe McHale
Noted Education Executive formerly with The College Board
and Houghton Mifflin