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“It is so refreshing to work with a professional company like Meeker and Associates. They really know all aspects of the education market.

I would call Meeker and Associates ‘bulldogs’ in their search for the perfect candidate for your company. They listen to what you want, they do their homework, and then they go after it.“

Photo Anagnostopoulos
Senior Vice President for Product Development, The College Board

“John has developed a great team of top notch professionals. Kari Hoien does a wonderful job leading the Rising Stars program, Kerri Howell is superb in her research role with candidates and clients, and Cami Levi has been a right arm to John for over 12 years. If this were a TV show, you might think it was Charlie's Angels.

Other executive search services often presented me with the ‘usual suspects’ and individuals I’d already identified. John and his team don't wait for a search; they’re constantly working their network of professional relationships across many industries to identify the best people out there. The result is a fabulous set of candidates for
my needs.“

Deborah deVries
Director of Sales Programs, Plato Learning

“Within a two-month period, thanks to Meeker & Associates we hired ten qualified people that fit the TI mix perfectly.

Meeker & Associates went far and above our expectations. We only gave John a profile of people at TI who were successful employees, and he found us qualified candidates to interview.

Because of Meeker & Associates, we found quality candidates who turned into quality employees who we would not have found on our own.”

Tom Ferrio
VP of Marketing, Texas Instrument

“Meeker & Associates is truly a ‘full services’ search firm. Not only did they work with us to create a job description and profile of the person we are looking for, but they helped the candidate refine their resume, so as interviewers we saw the things that were most important to the College Board right up front.

I’ve had experiences where a search firm just throws bodies at us — not Meeker & Associates.

All of our candidates were highly qualified. Within one month we hired 90% of the candidates brought to us.“

Joe McHale
VP of Market Development, The College Board
formerly with Houghton Mifflin

"Our expectations were far exceeded by Meeker and Associates with their results in two recent national searches. The quality of candidates they recruited are exceptional, and throughout the process John Meeker kept us thoroughly informed and involved at the right level."

Ms. Deborah deVries
Vice President of Sales
PLATO Learning